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A special place where to feel at ease, in true harmony, simply ourselves.
A couch, a coffee, genuine laughter, and even more…it's the wish of coming back!


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Spontaneity is the most evident nature at SpazioQuaranta

You feel no obligation and picking something or simply coming back to say hi become natural. That’s how we want it.

I, Martina, offer my passion and my heartfelt devotion and talent to understand what people entering SpazioQuaranta need or look for. I truly joyfully give it out.

Our Fashion Concept.

How is it and to whom do we address. I believe that clothing should be simple and natural. It has to amuse, to relax and most of all to be personal.

We would like to wear whatever we buy over and over simply because we love it, we feel good with it and whenever we match it with something else…well, it’s always new!

Mothers and daughters exchange their cloths; an accent, an accessory is enough to turn the basic into fashion, renewed every day. Everything is apparently without a logic, just like us women are!

From a need to a must-have

I grew up amongst cloths, fabric, patterns and cuts. A family history for generations. It’s the experience through my customers that evolved to the need of a ‘basic’ product, unique for it’s not found anywhere else, easy, interchangeable, always new thanks to its versatility to combine with the latest collection and a broad color table.

Our basic becomes a must-have for any season and any age. From turtle-neck to sleeveless, different volumes and a surprising wearability, one size fits all.

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monday to saturday from 10am to 7pm
continued schedule
November  2017
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is in via Scarpa 9 in Milan
2 minutes walking distance from subway station CONCILIAZIONE
write us an
or call us at
+39 02 36 52 72 22

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